06 February 2023

I'm Still Kickin' & A Quick Thank You

It was a whirlwind 2022 with life, health issues, work, and still learning to live in the UK (there literally is always something that is a challenge even almost 3 years later!) ... which all bubbled down to not updating this blog like I had hoped.

So getting your emails, messages, and fizzy beverage thank yous saying that you have benefited from and appreciated the content I have created on "It's a Hard Biscuit Life" has meant a lot, especially since it's been public crickets for over a year.

With that said, my best laid plans are to always keep posting with more useful information. From getting a provisional license to building credit to trying to find a part-time job as a foreign national to navigating the NHS, there have been oodles of articles I've been meaning to spend the time writing up, but the world has inconveniently not invented a 32-hour clock yet.

If you're an American moving to or living in the UK and would love to know more about anything immigration and adapting to a new country, please share in a comment below or write me at hardbiscuitlife (at) gmail.com. That would give me the kick in the trousers to set time aside to write and share!

Alternatively, if you are curious to know what I've been up to, head over to my personal Instagram as that's where I primarily show up online right now (alongside maintaining Pickles Barrington and Juniper McIntyre's kitty Instagram which is ridiculously adorable 24/7).

Thank you again for saying hi, and let's hope 2023 gives me a bit more wiggle room to write!

And every blog post needs a short link list of faves, so here's this one with some affiliated connections (where I might earn a commission or just share a promo code they gave me)! These are some of my tested-and-loved repeat small businesses that make my life easier here in England.

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